Seema Haider Biography, ISI Agent, 5 Passports, Black Magic,Age, Husband Threats and Other Details

Seema Haider, a 30-year-old Pakistani lady, made headlines after her detention in India on July 4 for entering the country illegally. She arrived in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, with her four children, all younger than seven, around a month ago via Nepal to be with her lover, Sachin Meena (25). On July 7, the bond was set at Rs. 10,000, and the pair were freed. They connected in 2019 while playing the hit video game PUBG: Battlegrounds.

Seema and her four young children were detained on July 4 for entering India illegally without visas via Nepal. Sachin was also arrested for providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants. According to PTI, Seema’s relatives and neighbours have made it evident that they do not want her to return to Pakistan.

Who is Seema Haider?

Seema Ghulam Haider is her full given name. She gained notoriety for illegally crossing international borders to be with her beloved. She allegedly was born in the Islamic province of Sindh in 1996. She’s a mother of four, including a daughter and three kids, and she’s happily married. Seema Haider, who crossed into India from Pakistan to be with her boyfriend, has a mysterious past. We know nothing about her schooling or family. We will do our best to provide timely updates as new information becomes available.

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Seema lives in a three-room apartment in a rundown building in a filthy alley in the centre of Gulistan-e-Jauhar; the neighbourhood is called Bhittaiabad a Katchi Abadi. She lived there with her family for three years. She raised her kids in isolation. Her in-laws’ grandfather does not reside nearby.

Seema Haider Husband

Ghulam Haider, her spouse, is a worker in Saudi Arabia. While married to Ghulam Haider, Seema Haider claims she suffered physical abuse at the hands of her husband. He just posted a video appealing to the Narendra Modi administration for help. He said his wife had been misled into coming to India using the popular video game PUBG, and he wanted to send her and their children back to Pakistan.

Seema Haider’s 5 passports

Seema Haider is a suspect since she has five passports. Many Indians believe she is a Pakistani agent posing as a romantic interest to avoid detection in their country. Seema Haider said in an interview that she has many passports. When Sachin sought a lawyer to draw out legal paperwork for their marriage, the public learned of their secret love affair. The attorney found problems with Seema’s Indian visa and quickly reported the matter to the authorities.

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Seema Haider’s Life in Danger

After Seema revealed that she had converted from Islam to Hinduism to be with Sachin, a senior Uttar Pradesh police officer voiced worries that she would be attacked. The police officer expressed concern that a criminal posing as a crowd or media member may launch a murderous attack against Seema. The police are keeping a close eye on Seema and Sachin’s home, even though they haven’t had an official request for security from the couple.

Seema-Sachin Love Story

Seema fell in love with Sachin Meena, a Greater Noida, India resident, on the video game platform PUBG, and ultimately ”illegally” moved to India to be with him. For the sake of her newfound love, she has given up meat and is rapidly learning to adopt Hindu rituals and practices. 

On July 4 of this month, in front of the media and the police, Sachin and Seema publicly declared their love for one another. They even begged the Indian authorities to legalize their union so they could start a new life together there. Seema Haider has been in awe of India and Indian culture since she first arrived from Pakistan. The Pakistani ‘Bhabhi’ is making great strides to fully immerse herself in Indian culture and integrate into Indian society.

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Seema Haider Conversion to Hinduism

Seema Haider practices Hinduism now and adorns herself with a Radhe-Radhe strap. She is seen praying, touching the feet of elders for blessings, and receiving guests with folded hands. Seema, who is 30 years old, has declared her intention to spend the rest of her life in India and to become a vegetarian like Sachin’s family.

Seema Haider’s alleged friend makes shocking charges

The woman started the conversation by saying, “She is very crazy about the game,” implying that Seema Haider is more interested in cricket than any other sport. She’s also really dishonest.

She claimed to be aware of Seema Haider’s planned journey to India and pondered telling everyone her friend had converted from Islam to Hinduism and changed her appearance.

The accusations of Seema Haider’s former boyfriends

Syed Basit Ali has spoken to several other people in Pakistan who know Seema about the allegations made by Seema’s ex-boyfriends. According to Osama, Seema Haider allegedly dated various men in her home country, including Musa, Arif, Aslam, and Sayan, whom he described in their conversation. He praised her ingenuity and said that Sachin Meena would meet the same end as her.

Osama revealed that he had also met Seema through the video game. Further, he forewarned Indians that, just as Seema has defamed Pakistan now, she will disparage India if her goals are met. He said she would return to her spouse in Dubai after viewing the World Cup games in India.

Seema Haider is allegedly a Black Magic practitioner

An alleged friend accused Seema of casting black spells on her husband before marriage. The lady said her husband’s poor condition is the result of black magic and that he has resorted to living on the street as a result of her.

A threat call to police?

PTI reported an official stating that an anonymous caller threatened another 26/11-style terror assault on Mumbai if Pakistani national Seema Haider was not sent to her home country. The call, according to the source, came in on July 12.

Seema Haider has received death threats

If India does not return Seema Haider and her children to Pakistan, members of the Jhakrani tribe in Balochistan have vowed to rape and murder Hindu women in Sindh. Men with their faces masked and rifles in hand threatened to hunt down, rape, and kill every Hindu girl in Sindh if the Indian government did not meet their demands.

Is Seema a Spy for the ISI?

He was justified to do what he did since she may be a terrorist, an ISI agent, or an Indian spy in Pakistan. She told the authorities that she wasn’t an ISI agent and was only there for “Sachin Meena,” his love. The media and news stations stated that their relationship had ended after the matter was made public.

Whether Seema Haider will get citizenship or not?

Earlier on January 23, 2023, security forces in Bangalore detained Iqra, a citizen of Pakistan’s Hyderabad. Iqra had also made it to Bangalore from Nepal. She met her future husband, Mulayam Singh Yadav, a native of Prayagar (UP), through a virtual world. On February 19, 2023, Iqra was deported to Pakistan.

Clause ‘H’ of Rule 4 (Sub Rule 1) of the Indian Passport Act states that “religious minorities from Pakistan and Bangladesh, including Hindus, Sikhs, Jain-Buddhists, Christians, and Parsis if they have come to India and seek citizenship here, will be given Indian citizenship.”

Again, it may be claimed that Seema converted to Hinduism by marrying Sachin following Hindu rites at the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu. Because of this, the argument goes, she should be granted Indian citizenship because she was not a Pakistani Muslim but a Hindu at the time of her entrance into India.

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