India To Be Renamed Bharat: Name Change Cost, History, What will Change?

India To Be Renamed Bharat: The constitution of India, which was recognized in the year 1950, says that “India is Bharat.” Both names have been here for decades, and people and our constitution refer to our country as Bharat and India. The constitution also says that “India is Bharat.” We can find in ancient texts that the name of our country is mentioned as Bharat. The colonial rulers gave the name India, which, for them, was a symbol of slavery. We can find the origin of Bharat in ancient history; the name originates from the name of the King Bharat in Hindu mythology, which dates back several centuries.

India To Be Renamed Bharat

On January 26, 1950, we adopted the Indian constitution. While referring to our country as “India that is Bharat” refers to its dual identity, For us, the names India and Bharat are familiar and equal. We Indians have found no difference in both names and refer to both in our writing and verbal communications. While the Union Government is keen on renaming our country’s name Bharat, many of our politicians, the opposition, and the public are opposed to the renaming. They argue that it will tarnish our country’s image at the global level. In this article, we will discuss more about the topic.

The controversy seems to have come to the fore after the official invitations to the countries participating in the G20 summit referred to the Indian President as the “President of Bharat. The opposition parties in our country are arguing that there should be debates before changing the name from India to Bharat. However, the Union government seems keen on the renaming and went ahead with the new name in several places. The government and the think tanks think that with the renaming, our country can show the world its rich culture and ancient history. Below is the overview table that will give you an exact idea of the name “Bharat” and other details.

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India To Be Renamed Bharat Overview

Country NameIndia
India’s Ancient NameBharat
Official Records NameIndia
Constitution NameIndia (Now Bharat)
Constitution Date26th January 1950
Fiscal Year2023-24
Hindu Mythology NameBharat
Indian Mythology WrittenMahabharat
Name DecidedPrime Minister of Bharat
Bharat’s Prime MinisterNarendra Modi
Bharat’s CapitalNew Delhi
Bharat’s Name CostRs. 28000 Crore
Implementation of NamePossible
Bharat’s G20 Summit PlaceNew Delhi
Ruling PartyBJP
India To Be Renamed Bharat

The name “Bharat” can be accepted by many, but some will disagree with the name. As a citizen of Bharat, I call our country India only. The ruling party leader and Prime Minister of Bharat, Narendra Modi, has implemented and sent an invitation copy mentioning Bharat instead of India.

India to Be Renamed Bharat History

Article I of the Indian constitution says that India, that is, Bharat, is a union of states. Before the invasion of our country by the Westerners, our country was called Bharat in all its scripts. The rich Indian history also mentions India as Bharat. In the great Indian mythology of the Mahabharata, the name of the Great King was Bharat.

The name Bharat originated from it. Also, the name Bharat has been in many scriptures and other old records for centuries. Hence, we can see that the name Bharat is familiar to our country and is taken from any other source. The Union Government thinks that by returning to the old name, we can uphold the true culture and the old civilization of our country. Since no debate on the name change has occurred, it needs to be clarified about the government’s intentions or the reasons behind the immediate name change.

Name Change Cost (India to Bharat)

We can see that many countries in the past have changed their names for apparent reasons. Many countries with changed names believe that the new names reflect the spirit and culture of their country. But changing the country’s name from India to Bharat will cost several crores to the national exchequer. Such a name change in India could cost the country about Rs. 28,000 crore.

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Many Indian states have in the past changed the names of many cities. The changes also come with expenses that run into crores. The Union Govt. has a special parliament session this month itself. The session is likely to be stormy for the main reason that no consensus has been reached among the various political parties and the Indian States and also for the reason that the name change is going to cost the country very dearly. Also, the exact amount that will be incurred has yet to be available, but it is estimated that the amount will be much higher than this.

What will Change?

The name change from India to Bharat requires a two-thirds majority in both houses of parliament. This is because an amendment is required to the existing constitution of India. The opposition leaders in the country feel that changing the name to Bharat will give a Hindutva touch to the name and that the BJP government will get some benefit now or later.

Frequently Asked Questions: India To Be Renamed

What is India’s ancient name, according to Hindu mythology

According to Hindu mythology, India’s ancient name was Bharat

Who is Bharat’s Prime Minister

Bharat’s Prime Minister is Narendra Modi

What is the cost of renaming India’s name to Bharat

The cost of renaming India’s name to Bharat is approximately Rs. 14,000 crore

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