Arvind Kejriwal Net Worth, Bio, Family & Liquor Scam?

Arvind Kejriwal: Arvind Kejriwal, the current Chief Minister of Delhi, was born in Siwani in Haryana on August 16, 1968. He has been married to Sunita Kejriwal since 1994, and they have two children together. He is currently 55 years old. Arvind Kejriwal, is a graduate from IIT Kharagpur in 1989 is a brilliant engineer. His wife, Sunita Kejriwal, is a retired bureaucrat who formerly worked in the Indian Revenue Service and holds a master’s degree in veterinary studies. When Arvind Kejriwal was in jail in a money laundering case, Sunita was there to support him and visited him at the Enforcement Directorate office. In this article, we will discuss more about Arvind Kejriwal that you are required to know in detail.

Arvind Kejriwal is a vegetarian because he chooses to live a simple life. Besides being a brilliant student, she adored Bollywood star Aamir Khan. Her favorite comedies and movies. He enjoys his work. Even at work, he swipes at his desk instead of leaning against the secretary. Kejriwal refuses to celebrate his birthday or that of his children. The Aam Aadmi Party was founded by Arvind Kejriwal. Launched on January 26, 2012, it is an Indian political party that stemmed from a disagreement between activists Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare over whether to launch the heavily supported India Against Corruption campaign calling for the Jan Lokpal Bill since 2011. Hazare wants the campaign to be politically neutral.

After clearing the Civil Services Examination in 1993, he joined the Reserve Bank of India. To help people with issues related to power, income tax, and food stamps, Kejriwal founded Parivartan, an NGO, in 1999. After retiring as Joint Commissioner of the Income Tax Department in 2006, he founded the NGO Public Cause Research Foundation” with the prize money in the corpus fund. Arvind Kejriwal is an author too, and in his book Swaraj, he expresses his views on the state of bribery democracy in India. Below is the overview table that will give you a fresh idea of Arvind Kejriwal’s life journey and other details that you need to know in detail. So, let us get started without getting delayed.

NO Relief For Arvind Kejriwal !! Everything you need to knowNet Worth, Bio, Family & Liquor Scam?
NO Relief For Arvind Kejriwal !! Everything you need to knowNet Worth, Bio, Family & Liquor Scam?

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An Autobiography of Arvind Kejriwal – Overview

Full NameArvind Kejriwal
Date of Birth16th August 1968
Current Age55 years old
Place of BirthSiwani
Professional PositionChief Minister
Political PartyAam Aadmi Party (AAP)
Educational QualificationGraduate from IIT Kharghar
Family Details (Members)6 (including Kejriwal)
Family Details (Names)Gobind Ram Kejriwal (Father), Gita Devi (Mother), Sunita Kejriwal (Wife)
Children (Nos)2
Other DetailsCheck Article

As we have already mentioned earlier, Arvind Kejriwal is the Chief Minister of Delhi, wherein he is currently serving jail term, and it is the first time ever in the history of the independent nation that a minister will be the authority and will work behind the bar. He was arrested for a money laundering case recently. This article is not about his case or the reasons for his arrest. This article will only highlight Arvind Kejriwal’s life story to date, like his early life, profession, education, family life, and much more. For more information, continue reading this article fully for a better understanding of who Arvind really was and is. You can also refer to various online sources to learn more about Kejriwal if you do not know about him. We Indians know about Arvind Kejriwal, but we would like to know about his proper life journey in detail.

Arvind Kejriwal – Net Worth

Arvind Kejriwal, the current CM of Delhi, has a huge net worth of Rs. 3.44 crore. He has several assets, like gold, silver, and mutual fund investments, which he had invested in long ago, as well as a few real estate properties.

Arvind Kejriwal – Wife Details

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tied the knot in 1994, and when we talk about his wife’s details, she is a former Indian Revenue Service Officer who was a part of the Income Tax Department for more than 20 years. She met Arvind Kejriwal at his coaching event and was a supporter who chose to quit her job and become an activist. There has been much speculation about the possible political involvement of Sunita Kejriwal, as she recently read about Arvind Kejriwal’s ED jail and spoke to the public.

Arvind Kejriwal – Children Details

Harshita Kejriwal is the daughter of Arvind Kejriwal, and Pulkit Kejriwal is the son. Both his children are also IIT alumni. With a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering under her belt, Harshita Kejriwal spent 2014–2018 at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. He secured an All India Rank (AIR) of 3,322 in JEE Advanced and is now one of the founders of the Health Food Institute. In contrast, Pulkit Kejriwal, who is studying biotechnology at IIT Delhi from 2019 to 2023, scored an impressive 96.4% in the CBSE Class 12 exam.

Arvind Kejriwal – Education Details

While growing up, Arvind Kejriwal studied at a university in Hisar and Holy Child School in Sonipat. He continued his education and obtained a degree in mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur. His All India Rank (AIR) of 563 in the IIT-JEE examination in 1985 was a milestone in Kejriwal’s academic style; it set the stage for his brilliant industrial and political career.

Arvind Kejriwal – Life Journey

The life journey of Arvind Kejriwal is explain year by year below:

  • 1968 – Arvind Kejriwal’s Date of Birth
  • 1989 – Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur
  • 1993 – Cleared Civil Service Examination and joined IRS
  • 1995 – Married to Sunita Kejriwal, his IRS batch-mate
  • 1999 – Founded Parivartan (NGO)
  • 2006 – Resigned as a Joint Commissioner in Income Tax Department
  • 2012 – Published a book named “Swaraj”
  • 2012 – Launched Aam Aadmi Party
  • 2013 – AAP made its electoral debut
  • 2014 – Contested in Lok Sabha election from Varanasi constituency
  • 2015 – Won and took as Chief Minister of Delhi
  • 2024 – Arrested for Money Laundering Case as CM

Frequently Asked Questions – An Autobiography of Arvind Kejriwal

Ques: Who is Arvind Kejriwal?

Ans: Arvind Kejriwal is the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Ques: When was Arvind Kejriwal born?

Ans: Arvind Kejriwal was born on August 16, 1968.

Ques: When did Kejriwal become the Chief Minister of Delhi?

Ans: Kejriwal became the Chief Minister of Delhi in 2015.

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