Kerala Nipah Virus Symptoms, What is it? Treatment, Prevention

Kerala Nipah Virus Symptoms: Nipah Virus is one of the new viral viruses in Kerala. Nipah is a type of Zoonotic Virus that can affect humans and animals. The Individuals affected by the Nipah Virus face several Severe illnesses such as – Fever, Brain Inflammation, Sore Throat, etc. In Some Extreme Cases, it can even cause the death of the individuals. Nipah is a bat-borne Zoonotic Virus transmitted from animals to humans; later on, it can spread from humans to humans. In India, individuals affected by the Nipah Virus are Categorized into three categories, i.e., Asymptomatic infections, Acute Respiratory infections, and Fatal Encephalitis.

Kerala Nipah Virus

In September 2023, six cases of the Nipah Virus were detected in Kerala’s Kozhikode. Among Six, Four died due to severe infection from the Virus. As per Information from the Media Source, there is speculation that the Virus infects more than 700 people. The Initial Symptoms of the Nipah Virus are Flu-like, and after a few days, many other symptoms appear, such as – Dizziness, Neurological Issues, Drowsiness, etc. According to the WHO, Individuals also face breathing issues in the respiratory tract and may even experience encephalitis and seizures. The Symptoms of Nipah Virus may appear within 4 to 14 days, but in some rare cases, it may take up to 45 days to show the exact symptoms.

 History Of The Nipah Virus 

The First Outbreak of the Nipah Virus in India occurred in the Kozhikode district of Kerala in May 2018. There are total of four outbreaks of the Nipah Virus Occurred in Kerala. Out of the Four Outbreaks, three outbreaks occurred in the Kozhikode district, whereas the Fourth Outbreak occurred in the Ernakulam area. The three outbreaks of Nipah occurred in 2018, 2021, and 2023, whereas the Ernakulam Outbreak occurred in 2019.

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The Reasons behind the outbreak in only these two districts are not specified yet, and scientists are still trying hard to find the exact reason behind this outbreak at regular intervals of one to three years. Malaysia’s First Outbreak of the Nipah Epidemic has killed over 100 people. Later on, it expanded to Singapore, where pigs had 11 illnesses.

In the year 2001, Nipah has killed more than 200 people in Bangladesh. After Bangladesh, India also started reporting cases similar to the Nipah Virus. Since last month, four cases have been reported from Kerala, and the Authorities have closed the schools and other institutions and started conducting mass testing. 

Kerala Nipah Virus Symptoms, What is it? Treatment, Prevention

Kerala Nipah Virus Symptoms

Multiple Symptoms of the Nipah Virus are observed in Extreme Cases. The Most Common Symptoms of the Nipah Virus include – high temperature, Respiratory Infection, and Vomiting. Severe Infection from Nipah Virus will lead to brain Inflammation and Seizures, leading to Coma and death. There is still no vaccination available for the Nipah Virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that patient fatality rates vary from 40% to 75%. The Fatality rates depend upon the public health response to the infection from Nipah Virus. The Other Symptoms of the Nipah Virus include – headaches, Fever, Severe Respiratory Distress, and Coughing Up Blood. 

Treatment Of The Nipah Virus 

There is no treatment available for the Nipah Virus in the Current Scenario. Scientists and Doctors are still trying to prepare a drug to cure the Nipah Virus. The First Case was detected in the year 1999, but still, after two decades, there is not even a single drug available for the treatment of the Nipah Virus.

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The Medical Health Department only suggests adopting the precautions carefully as if someone is affected by the Nipah Virus, then they might infect others and spread the Virus on at large scale. The Ministry of Health has already received the technical resources from the WHO to deal with the cases of the Nipah Virus. World Health Organization is already collaborating with the Ministry of Health to monitor the progress made in the Nipah Research and Development Plan. 

Prevention Of The Nipah Virus 

The Nipah Virus Vaccines and Medications are still unavailable to the public. As per the previous experience, it came to knowledge that disinfection and regular cleaning with proper detergents and solutions will prevent the infection. The Other Guidelines from the Health Department for the Prevention of the Nipah Virus include – Washing and Peeling Fruits before using them for Consumption Purposes, eventually reducing the possibility of worldwide transmission from the infected Fruit Bats.

It is mandatory to wash your hands at regular intervals, and can also use sanitizers. Follow the Proper Social Distancing Norm from the infected individuals and avoid contact with an infected animal or individual’s blood and other body fluids. To prevent further infection, do not come in connection with the foods or drinks consumed by the Bats or Pigs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the First Case of the Nipah Virus reported in India

The First Case of the Nipah Virus was reported in 2018

What are the Medicines available for treating the Nipah Virus

No medicines are available to treat the Nipah Virus

In which State was the First Case of the Nipah Virus Found

In Kerala, the First Case of the Nipah Virus was Found

What is the type of disease in the Nipah Virus

Nipah Virus is a type of Zoonotic Disease i.e., Spreads from Animals to Human

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