Ravindra Mahajani Wiki/Bio, Causes of Death, Family, Career, Net worth & Controversy

Ravindra Mahajani Death, Family, Career, Net Worth & Controversy::-Actor and director Ravindra Mahajani is a household name in India. Only the Marathi cinema business was open to him. His work in Marathi film from the late 1970s through the mid-1980s also earned him widespread acclaim. Actor Ravindra ji, who primarily appeared in Marathi films during his career, has passed away. He has also gone by the name Binod Khana in the past. In 1949, Ravindra Mahajani was born in the Indian city of Pune—the rental home in Talegaon, Pune, where his corpse was discovered on July 14th, 2023. The cops think he died three days ago, but they can’t be sure.

Who was Ravindra Mahajani?

Ravindra Mahajani was a legend of Indian Marathi cinema whose films were beloved by people worldwide thanks to the intense emotion he brought into every shot. Throughout its golden age, he adorned the silver screen with unrelenting commitment and an inexhaustible passion for artistic expression, forever marking his audience’s memories.

From the late 1970s to the mid-1980s, Marathi films were transformed by his dynamic presence into engaging emotional and narrative tapestries. Ravindra Mahajani was a shining example of dedication to one’s work and outstanding talent in the field of the performing arts. His son Gashmeer Mahajani,(Right side in the photo below)is also an Actor who recently acted in Star Plus Famous Serial “Imli”

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Ravindra Mahajani Wiki/Bio, Causes of Death, Family, Career, Net worth

Ravindra Mahajani Early Life

A 1949 babe gave birth to Ravindra Mahajani. He was born in the Indian city of Pune in Maharashtra. At age 74, he sadly left this world. He began his profession at a young age as a cab driver, auditioned for films, and directed Marathi movies from 1987 to–1989.

Ravindra Mahajani Career & Movies List

Marathi actor and filmmaker Ravindra Mahajani was born in 1946 and died on July 2023. Mahajani appeared in Marathi films from the 1970s through the 1980s. Ravindra Mahajani has been around in the film industry for quite some time. His work in Marathi films has earned him widespread renown.

In addition, he has directed several films. When N. Chandra’s 1986 film “Ankush” featured him in a threatening role, he became a household name. The leading man in the movie was played by Ravindra Mahajan. His amorous appearances span from “Ha Sagar Kinare” and “Sumbaran Gao Deva” through “Ha Sagar Kinare” and “Om Sagar Kinare.” The film “Devta” is widely considered to be among his most outstanding work. Starring in “Duniya Kare Salam” in 1979, “Mumbai cha Fauzdar” in 1984, and “Aaram Haram Hai” and “Laxmi chi Pavale,” respectively, were three of his most successful films to date.

YearFilmRole Played
1969Saat Hindustanipolice inspector
1976Aram Haram AheMahesh Kuber/Suresh Vichare
1979Duniya Kari SalamParamanand
1979Haldi KunkuShri
1979Teen Chehrey
1982Gondhalat GondhalRavindra Ghatge
1982Laxmichi PaulePraksah
1984Mumbaicha FaujdarFauzdar Jaisingh Rao Mohite
1987SarjaChtrapati Shivaji Maharaj
1988Unad Maina
1989ZoonjArjun Bhausaheb Nanagre
1989Bolo He Chakradhari
1990Kalat Nakalat
1992Jagavegali Paij
Asha Puramani Ni Chindri
2015Kaay Raav TumhiRetired Captain
2015Carry On MarathaGuest Appearance
2015Deool BandGuest Appearance
2019PanipatMalharrao Holkar

His 2015 film “Kay rao tumhi” marked his return to the industry. He became a symbol of Marathi cinema’s golden age. He’s been in over 18 films, and he’s done well in all of them. He always did a great job in his jobs, earning him a lot of praise.

Ravindra Mahajani Net worth

Ravindra Mahajani’s estimated net worth ranged from Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 2 Crore.

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Ravindra Mahajani Controversy

Authorities in Mumbai have arrested one time Ravindra Mahajani on accusations of fraud. In 2002, Saraswati Cinema partner Anil Damle filed a First Information Report (FIR) claiming an arrangement between Ravindra and And. As per the terms of the deal, Ravindra had to fork up Rs. 75,000 to Anil so that his picture Salle Sathi Kahihi could play for an entire month (four weeks) at Prabhat Cinema Hall, which Saraswati Cinema ran.

This sum was also expected to be reduced by the money made from ticket sales under the terms of the agreement. Mahajani would get any overage, but he would be responsible for making up the difference to Damle if there was a shortfall. The result of the four weeks was that Mahajani owed Damle Rs. 80,000. A check made by Mahajani to And, however, needed to be honoured. In January 2003, after paying a personal bond of Rs. 15,000 to a court in Maharashtra, Mahajani was granted release.

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Ravindra Mahajani Death Cause

On July 14th, 2023, Ravindra Mahajani died at his home in the Xrbia Housing Society in Ambi village, Talegaon Dabhade district, Pune, Maharashtra. The cause of death is unclear. According to the Pune police, neighbours called the authorities after smelling a foul odour from Mahajani’s leased property. According to the authorities, Mahajani had been residing in the rented residence for roughly eight to nine months and had just undergone surgery that limited his mobility. About three days after his death, his corpse was located.

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