US Presidential Elections 2024: Date, Candidates List, Latest News

US Presidential Election 2024: The United States of America is getting ready for the election for the position of president. The election will be held in the second half of 2024, i.e., between July and December 2024. There are higher chances that the election will be held in November 2024. Currently, Joe Biden is the President of the USA, and there are chances that Donald Trump, the former US President, will likely win again. The US presidential election is conducted every 4 years. There is no official confirmation of the election dates, and once the dates are announced, we will mention them.

US Presidential Elections 2024

This article will discuss all the details related to the US Presidential Election 2024 that you should know. There would be three leading candidates from the two major parties in the United States. These candidates include Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Vivek Ramaswamy, of Indian origin. Some reports say the elections will happen on November 5, 2023. While there is still no official confirmation, we expect the exact date to be this. Any of the two major parties, Democratic and Republican, can sweep the results. Let us all wait for the election to be declared, conducted, and the results to be announced.

The US President and Vice President elections are typically indirect elections in which the voters cast their votes for the electoral college, and this is the first step in the election, which is easy. The second step is that the chosen electors vote for either the president or vice president. Suppose any candidate gets the majority of votes. In that case, that candidate will be the President and Vice President, respectively, and if there is no majority, then the Senate will pass the ordinance and elect the President accordingly. Below is the overview table that will give you an idea of the US Presidential Election 2024, with the details you must know.

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US Presidential Election 2024 Overview

Election NameUS Presidential Election 2024
CountryUnited States of America
Commission NameFederal Election Commission (FEC)
US States (No.)50
President (Current)Joe Biden
President (Former)Donald Trump
Major Parties (No.) 2
Major Parties (Name)Democratic and Republican
Election Year2024
Election Date5th November 2024
Previous Election Year2020
Top ContendersJoe Biden, Donald Trump, and Vivek Ramaswamy
Joe Biden Party NameDemocratic Party
Donald Trump Party NameDemocratic Party
Vivek RamaswamyRepublican Party

We have briefly mentioned all the details in this overview table, which you understand. Now, we will mention all the details related to the US Presidential Election 2024 that you must understand in depth.

US Presidential Elections 2024

US Presidential Election Date 2024

The exact election date, as per some sources or reports, will be conducted on November 5, 2024, by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). All US residential voters eagerly await the election to happen so they can cast their votes for their favorite leaders and make them win by a huge margin.

US Presidential Election 2024 Candidates Process

Following are the steps that you must know about the candidate’s procedure while the election is conducted in the USA by the FEC:

  • The candidate must be a citizen of the USA.
  • The candidate must have been registered for the election by the FEC.
  • The candidate must announce their candidacy and begin raising funds.

So, these are the anticipated procedures for every candidate ready to get cast by the US voters in the USA’s 50 states.

US President List (Till Date)

Following is the list of presidents who served the United States of America that you must know before the elections begin next year:

  1. George Washington (1789-1797)
  2. John Adams (1797-1801)
  3. Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809)
  4. James Madison (1809-1817)
  5. James Monroe (1817-1825)
  6. John Quincy Adams (1825-1829)
  7. Andrew Jackson (1829-1837)
  8. Martin van Buren (1837-1841)
  9. William Henry Harrison (1841)
  10. John Tyler (1841-1845)
  11. James K Polk (1845-1849)
  12. Zachary Taylor (1849-1850)
  13. Milliard Fillmore (1850-1853)
  14. Franklin Pierce (1853-1857)
  15. James Buchanan (1857-1861)
  16. Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865)
  17. Andrew Johnson (1865-1869)
  18. Ulysses S Grant (1869-1877)
  19. Rutherford B Hayes (1877-1881)
  20. James A Garfield (1881)
  21. Chester A Arthur (1881-1885)
  22. Grover Cleveland (1885-1889)
  23. Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893)
  24. Grover Cleveland (1893-1897)
  25. William Mckinley (1897-1901)
  26. Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909)
  27. William Howard Taft (1909-1913)
  28. Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921)
  29. Warren G Harding (1921-1923)
  30. Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929)
  31. Herbert Hoover (1929-1933)
  32. Franklin D Roosevelt (1933-1945)
  33. Harry S Truman (1945-1953)
  34. Dwight D Eisenhower (1953-1961)
  35. John F Kennedy (1961-1963)
  36. Lydon B Johnson (1963-1969)
  37. Richard Nixon (1969-1974)
  38. Gerald Ford (1974-1977)
  39. Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)
  40. Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)
  41. George Bush (1989-1993)
  42. Bill Clinton (1993-2001)
  43. George Bush (2001-2009)
  44. Barack Obama (2009-2017)
  45. Donald Trump (2017-2021)
  46. Joe Biden (2021-Present )

So, the USA has had 46 presidents to date, dating from 1789, post the Independence Day era, which was in 1776.

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US Presidential Elections 2024 Candidates List

Following is the list of all the candidates who will be participating in the upcoming US Presidential Election that you must know:

  1. Joe Biden (Democratic)
  2. Donald Trump (Democratic)
  3. Vivek Ramaswamy (Republican)
  4. Robert F Kennedy (Democratic)
  5. Marianne Williamson (Others)
  6. Ryan Binkley (Others)
  7. Doug Burgum (Republican)
  8. Chris Christie (Republican)
  9. Ron DeSantis (Republican)
  10. Larry Elder (Others)

So, these are the 10 leading candidates who will participate in the US presidential election in 2024. We have also mentioned the party names (mentioned in brackets).

Frequently Asked Questions: US Presidential Election 2024

When will the US Presidential Election of 2024 be held

The US Presidential Election 2024 will be held on November 5, 2023

Who are the top three candidates for the upcoming US presidential election

Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Vivek Ramaswamy are the top three candidates for the upcoming US presidential election

Who was the first president of the United States

George Washington was the first president of the United States

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