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What is WhatsApp Web: WhatsApp is a chat application everyone uses. WhatsApp applications can be downloaded from Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (iOS). A few years back, WhatsApp launched the web version, which was useful for those who can’t use WhatsApp on their phones every time. People know how to use WhatsApp on their phones, but only a few of them know how to use WhatsApp on their Laptops or Desktop web browsers. You need to open your browser and type the URL “https://www.web.whatsapp.com/ on your web browser. This article will discuss WhatsApp, its latest features or updates, how to use it, and many more. You must read this article carefully to learn more about the Web-based WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Web

WhatsApp Web is one of the best ways to connect with your contacts, and it can be easily accessed using the QR Code scanner. You need to connect your WhatsApp application on mobile to your web-based WhatsApp. After connecting through your mobile, WhatsApp can be accessed and shown on a PC or Laptop like on your mobile phone. You can receive WhatsApp messages, videos, audio, files, maps, and more notifications on Web WhatsApp. You must turn on your web-based WhatsApp Notification from your Desktop or Laptop to get notifications. Recently, WhatsApp has developed an update for the web version application. We will discuss all that you want to know in this article. 

Just like WhatsApp, Web WhatsApp also has features like Status, New Chat, and Menus to easily access the web version of WhatsApp. You can also create Groups and Broadcast Channels to chat in a specific group and broadcast channel. WhatsApp and its web-based version have a privacy policy that doesn’t allow unknown contacts to chat with you. Now, we will explain everything about Web WhatsApp, from setting up to everything that is related to Web WhatsApp. Below is the overview table that will give you a brief understanding of Web WhatsApp. So let’s start with the table and, after that, the details you must know and use the Web-based version as soon as possible.

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What is WhatsApp Web Overview

Application NameWhatsApp
Web-based Application NameWeb WhatsApp
Supported VersionsAndroid, iOS, Windows, and Mac
FeaturesSend-Receive Messages, Media, Calls, and Group Chats
RequirementsWhatsApp Application Required (Mobile)
NotificationsAvailable for both Desktop and Laptop
Advantages Easy Accessibility and Several Chat Benefits
DisadvantagesInternet is must to Chat or Call
WhatsApp Web Applications (Windows)Windows 10 and 11
DownloadImages, Videos, Files, Audios, etc.
Privacy SettingsAvailable
WhatsApp StatusAvailable
Calls (Voice and Video)Available
Age Limit13 years old (Min.)
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A few people use the Web WhatsApp as they don’t know how to set up and use it easily. Once the Web WhatsApp is set up, then everyone can use it. People with a smartphone and WhatsApp application on their phone can easily access the Web WhatsApp from the website, as mentioned in the first paragraph of this article: Windows 10 and 11 versions support WhatsApp on PC or Laptop. You can download the application from Microsoft Store.

whatsapp web, web.whatsapp.com

How to Use WhatsApp Web Step by Step Process

Following are the steps to set up Web WhatsApp on your Computer or Laptop web browser that you need to know if you want to access this web-based WhatsApp:

  • First, go to any of your web browsers and type the URL of Web Whatsapp.
  • Then, you will see the QR Code just before your screen.
  • Then, on your phone, you must open the WhatsApp application and go to “Settings.”
  • After that, you need to click on WhatsApp Web.
  • Then, you must scan your phone with your desktop Web Whatsapp to access WhatsApp.
  • You will now see all your messages and media on your computer or laptop as the same WhatsApp application.

So, these steps must be followed to set up and use Web WhatsApp. You can read this article to learn more about setting up or using the Web WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web Latest Updates

Web WhatsApp comes with a few updates once every two months. There are a few latest updates that you need to know about if you are using the Web-based version of WhatsApp. As per the latest reports, Web WhatsApp has come up with the Dark Mode feature, just like the WhatsApp application of your phone. Also, Web WhatsApp has developed sticker packs to use these stickers on your contacts. Also, Web WhatsApp has introduced Emoji reactions that are amazing to see and send to your contacts. Web WhatsApp has improved its performance and fixed the bugs seen in the earlier update.

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Web WhatsApp Features Available 

Several Web WhatsApp features are available, almost the same as the WhatsApp application, which is available on your phone. These features include the following:

  • Message Features 
  • Make Video and Voice Calls
  • Dark Mode
  • Create Group Chats and Broadcast Channels
  • New Sticker Packs
  • Multiple Emoji Reaction Stickers
  • Fixed Bugs…etc.

There are many other features that you can access on the Web WhatsApp. So, make sure you use all these features while accessing Web WhatsApp.

Web WhatsApp Age Limitation

Most countries allow people at least 13 years old to use WhatsApp and Web WhatsApp. In countries like India, people start using WhatsApp from 15 years old and start using Web WhatsApp once the person turns 18 years old. If the person is under the mentioned age category, the application must be used under their guardians’ or parents’ guidance and permission.

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Frequently Asked Questions: WhatsApp Web

What is WhatsApp Web?

Web WhatsApp is the web version of the mobile WhatsApp application.

Do we need QR Code to access WhatsApp Web?

While setting up the Web WhatsApp, you need to scan the QR code and connect from the WhatsApp application available on your phone.

Who can use WhatsApp Web?

Anyone can use Web WhatsApp

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